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September 19, 2011
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Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM


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Mio And Sidney 2 by Social-Misfit Mio And Sidney 2 by Social-Misfit
Two of our furry babies. The one on the left, Mio, passed away last year, but Sidney is 15 and still with us :)

This set of pictures was taken during Mio's last year with us. Sidney slept with him every day and cleaned him when he could no longer clean himself.

Rules Of Use :
- do not re-distribute this exact image
- for use in all types of artworks
- you must link back to me
- send me a note so I can see your work. I want to enjoy your art
- if you want to use this in a commercial manner, please contact me to discuss it
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these cats are gorgeous, they look like Siamese tabbies, such elegant faces.
Thanks :) They are Oriental Shorthairs, which is a gorgeous breed. They are basically 98% Siamese with 2% American Shorthair to get variant colors, patterns, and colorpoints. They come in almost any color/pattern that any other cat comes in, but they have the Siamese big ears and pointy bone structure. You can google Oriental Shorthair and see a lot of pics of them :)
They are so handsome. I love Siamese types anyway,
though my own 4 cats are all garden variety types.
aw thanks :D I do love this breed and Siamese best, but I love almost all cat breeds and "mutts". We do save strays in the neighborhood by feeding them, allowing them safety in the backyard, spaying/neutering and getting them vet checks/vaccinations. I wish I could save every animal.

Do you have any pics of your cats up? or drawings?
I have a friend who used to spay/neuter/feed feral colonies in Florida.
It doesn't happen so much here, the winters are too cold, but it's wonderful that you put so much into them when so many others would just as soon see them destroyed.
I know what you mean about wanting to save every one. My last 4 dogs have been seniors from a rescue, I took each one home when they were already 12 years old.
I have never drawn my cats except for one quick sketch years ago, oddly enough.
I don't have any posted but I'll pop a couple in my scraps. :)
aw that's great that you rescue :)
I am such an animal lover and I don't honestly respect people who aren't lol
I have never had a dog, but plan to rescue my first sometime in the future. My cat is afraid of them and he is getting on in years, so I won't get one until he passes. He's coming up on 16, which is very old for a purebred. His littermate passed at 10 and his half brother passed at 16, but it seems he will hang on longer than they, which I'm very happy about. He has had a lot of health problems, such as asthma and stomatitis (a gum disease that causes lesions which are painful), and he's been on steroids for years. His conditions become worse when under stress, so no new pets for awhile. I want him to have a happy peaceful life :)

And yes plz let me know if you put up any of your doggies or kitties or any other critters you have.
I know what you mean about non-animal people.
The nicest of them still have this fatal flaw...
it's lovely that you are giving your old fellow a
peaceful retirement. You can make up for lost time when he's gone.
Lucky for me my 4 cats and 4 dogs accept each other
with grace and even affection. Two of the cats are actually
very fond of the dogs, which seems to alarm the dogs
till they get used to it, but they all have.
I should make a pet folder I guess. I know I love to see other people's
pets. I've noticed the hardest-ass guys with the most tattoos and the
meanest artwork will have parked in the middle of it all a photo of
some sweet little dog that they adore to pieces. :heart:
haha I know! I have this pic that I found somewhere on the internet that is a huge buff guy sleeping and there is like 6 kittens sleeping all over him. It's the cutest.
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